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The Practice of Being Present Brings Abundant Joy


This past weekend was probably one of my favorites of the whole summer.  Everyone had returned from their travels across the world, refreshed and ready to toast to the last few weeks of the summer before the nip in the air becomes a reality.

What made it so amazing was how present everyone was in the moment.  There was no drama, no rowdiness, no excessiveness – just peaceful, happy human beings who completely appreciated who and what was around them.

One of my friends and I talked at length about being present, while boating on the Potomac.  Far too often we are clung to our mobile devices, needing on-demand information of any kind, tuning out the simpler things in life – this includes human connection to not just people but nature as well.  I explained that it’s a practice to put the device away, to be engaging in what surrounds you, and to not let any other thought enter your mind, other than the joy/euphoria you feel from where you are right now. It’s something that should be so simple, yet is so hard for many of us to do.  It’s rare to bring a group together, such as who I was surrounded with last weekend, that understands how to appreciate the simple things in life, yet knows how to make them richer through their energy, passion, and positive attitude.  It’s because of them that I am so thankful, lucky, and elated that I am home.

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