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21-Day Meditation Experience: (Day 19) The Path to Total Transformation


“It’s easy to feel grateful when life is going well but it’s hard to do when it’s not.” — Deepak Chopra

This quote is so simple and so true. If you notice, my posting has been on and off, during this 21-day challenge.  The last week has been a bit trying, and although I’ve meditated everyday, I’ve had a hard time being able to write reflection posts from a good place.

We’ve all been there – no matter how positive we try to keep our lives, we’re going to have bad moments where it’s hard to fight back the negativity.  It’s hard to tell yourself, constantly, that everything happens for a reason, and to just have patience.  Me being the impatient, relentless person I am, it’s sometimes a very uphill battle.

Still, we cannot even remotely follow a path to total transformation if we do not welcome the bad with the good. And, it’s all about perspective.  It’s about constantly asking yourself why something happened that you didn’t like, what were you meant to learn from it, and how can you shift your mindset towards the positive for the future?

The more we are able to fully answer those questions, the more illuminated our path to transformation becomes, and the easier it is to manage any negative experiences in the future.