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21-Day Meditation Experience: (Day 15) Seeing the Big Picture


All of us are “Agents of Grace”, whether we know it or not.  “Agents of Grace” are able to see the big picture in life – that helping each other is not only the most fulfilling way to live, but also the way the world evolves.  It’s through grace that we are able to “pay it forward” to those in need, bringing a richness to our lives that materialistic goods cannot fulfill.

I have a very close girlfriend, who embodies the definition of being an “Agent of Grace”, by donating her time and resources (2-3 months out of the year) to helping kids all over the world.  As I write this, she is landing in Zambia to bring school and medical supplies to villages who do not have access to what they need to live, grow, and thrive.  Her passion (and heart) for helping these children is the most tremendous I’ve seen.  To those of you who do what you can to help, via donations, you can’t even understand the impact that a box of crayons has on a child, until you witness it first-hand.  My girlfriend has been to some of the poorest villages in the world and she comes back distraught that no matter how much is donated, it’s not enough.  Yet, to that child, they feel tremendously lucky to be given something a first-world kid takes for granted everyday.

Granted, not everyone has the time and resources to do what my friend does.  Being an “Agent of Grace” can mean helping an elderly person with their groceries, it can mean reuniting a stray dog with its owner, it can even mean holding the door open for someone else.  It’s all acts of kindness that are meant to be paid forward, knowing that if these acts of kindness keep getting paid forward, the better the world will be.

So go out and be an “Agent of Grace” – do something unexpected for someone and feel the effects of the happiness you bring – it’s infectious!