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21-Day Meditation Experience: (Day 11) Nature’s Generosity is Waiting

It’s important to know that nature is always ready to give to us the love and support we need to live our lives.  We need to be open to that infinite abundance and connect with it, as gratitude is the way we contact nature’s generosity, to bring us that support.

Sometimes, it’s super hard to be grateful in trying situations.  There are days, still, that even I want to crawl back into bed, pull the covers over my head, and sleep the day away, almost as if the problem I’m facing will just disappear if I do.  It’s tough in those times to pep talk yourself into trudging on, and realizing you’re better than that.

In the last week, I was blessed with some wonderful events in life that unexpectedly came out of the blue.  However, those events seemed to have lost its “magic”, leaving me feeling a bit confused, and saddened.  I had opened myself up to possibilities I never thought I’d see again, exposing who I am in my core, my feelings, and anything else that my being was willing to put out there.  Because I opened up myself and showed my gratefulness in abundance, my expectations on receiving were higher than they should have been, causing me to feel way more let down than I would normally allow myself.

In times like this, I feel pain, as most people do when they allow themselves to “feel”.  But instead of the usual moping about all day, through my practice today, I decided to focus on what I am grateful for. I told the universe that I appreciate every experience in my life, no matter how good or bad; I focused on everything that has been brought into my life in the last week and decided that it’s part of an experience I needed to go through, in order to move forward.  I focused on the fact that I appreciate nature for what it is and for helping to guide me in the direction I was meant to go.  It made me relax, feel lighter, and more confident.

So, if you are going through a bad time yourself, take 20 minutes to relax, sit still, breathe slowly, close your eyes, and focus on what you are grateful for.  Thank nature for all it has given you and in return, you will feel the love and support you need to push forward!