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21-Day Meditation Experience: (Day 10) Gratitude Expands Every Relationship


Relationships are all about the connection we establish.  The most powerful gift we can give one another is accepting the person for who they are today, and not trying to mold them into something they are not.  Acceptance is a powerful thing to possess.  It dissolves differences between us, opening a connection for alignment and positive energy.

Of course, to have a fulfilling relationship, you have to relate to each other, forming an emotional bond that can withstand anything. This means giving and receiving to each other – and being grateful no matter how large, or how small the gift.

When we form new relationships, our hearts are wide open and exposed.  We are willing to give all of ourselves to someone, as we want them to be pleased, so that the relationship will continue to form.  We have a piqued curiosity about the other person and almost anything we do or say elicits a level happiness that helps continue the relationship down a positive course.  Both parties are giving to each other and receiving in equal amounts.  It could be sweet words, nicknames, dinners out, kisses – anything that evokes happiness and a sense of appreciation.  In many cases, relationships start to go stale after a while – the giving isn’t as frequent, which means the receiving isn’t as frequent, and silent resentment builds up – gratitude begins to get lost.  Fights, silence, and other negative behaviors take over; and the relationship starts to drift apart.  We start to wish the other person was more like what we had formed in our mind – the pedestal we put them on in the beginning.  Instead of working on giving and receiving, two people decide to move on.  Then the pattern is repeated with someone else.

As depressing as this whole story can be, it’s important to remember these two things: 1. Negative actions can easily be avoided by always being present for the other person.  2. Never stop being grateful.

We so often forget that all relationships have a pattern to them, and it’s how we respect and work through that pattern that matter.  At the heart of every relationship, gratitude is everything – it will always build love, trust, affection, and appreciation for the other.  It helps provide a “force field” when times get tough, and can help relationships last a lifetime.

So your “homework” for this lesson?  It doesn’t matter if you’re married, engaged, dating, or just good friends – do something for that special someone to let them know you are grateful for them.  If nothing else, just tell them, “I’m so grateful for you being in my life.”