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21-Day Meditation Experience: (Day 8) Gratitude Makes Me Healthier

Meditating man having checkup from doctor

It is a proven fact, over and over, that meditation is good for balancing the body’s systems.  Grateful thoughts and meditative states don’t just stay in your mind but instead, work with messenger molecules to instantly transmit their effects to the body’s 100 trillion cells, creating new brain cells and pathways for brain patterns.  The practice of meditation has been found to change our gene expression in a positive direction.  This means that it can alleviate everything from stress, to chronic pain, to anxiety, and even to anti-aging!

By directing our awareness toward gratitude, our entire mind-body system is automatically oriented toward greater health and balance.  In other words, every thankful moment I have, the healthier I am!

Prior to my meditation practices, and even prior to my diet change (sugar can have a profound effect on one’s physical and mental state), I was stressed, felt over-worked, and sluggish.  My metabolism wasn’t running at peak performance, my mental clarity was cloudy, and I wasn’t losing weight (stress makes me blow up like a puffer fish), which made me more frustrated and even feeling heavier.  I knew I needed to do something about it, and never realized that meditation could be the answer.

Sure, about 85% of issues, stem from what you eat.  But the other 15% is usually left to working out, which only stimulates enough endorphins to keep you going for a small period of time.  Studies have proven that taking even 5% of that leftover 15%, to meditate, has a more profound effect on your mind and body than even diet and exercise combined.

When I started to meditate, I noticed the relaxed effect it had on me.  My world seemed brighter, I was thinking clearer, and things just became easier.  The more I practiced meditation, the more grateful I became, the more weight I lost, the more youthful I looked, and the happier I grew.

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