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21-Day Meditation Experience: (Day 4) Grace is Replying


“The more you are grateful for what you have, the more you can live fully in the present.” – Dana Arcuri

Using gratitude to awaken the joy and beauty around us, allows us to find life easier, more fun, and more meaningful.  The little things are the things we appreciate the most – we actually take time to stop, smell the roses, and “feel” the beauty that comes from them.  No longer are we waiting for life to happen the way we think it should – we are embracing the moment.  This is grace replying to you.

In the last few of my posts, I presented exercises in reflecting on how to be grateful at the end of the day, for what your day held.  Now it’s time to focus on being grateful in the present.

Let’s say you’re in your office, reading this post, and you were having a bad day.  Something in this post hit a chord with you, and in that very moment, you were inspired, you felt uplifted, and motivated.  That’s grace replying to you!  Or, you’re walking out to your car, and you notice how beautiful the weather is – not a cloud in the sky, perfect temperature, with just a slight, warm breeze.  You immediately feel joy, happiness, and a slight ease in your mind.  That, too, is grace replying to you.

The point is, you’re feeling grateful in the present – you are appreciating a little moment in your day that can shift a negative mood, into a positive one.  Stopping to do this a few times a day, soon becomes second nature.  Realizing that being present opens the door to continuously positive moods, which then opens a door to better energy flow, that then opens a million doors towards opportunities you never thought possible; will then bring you unending grace in return.