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21-Day Meditation Experience: (Day 3) Awakening the Energy of Gratitude


“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life.” — Emily Beatty

In today’s meditation, we are guided to “gladdening the heart”.  Gladdening the heart replenishes gratitude and recharges your batteries – especially when you’re angry and/or stressed.  Meditating helps with this process, in that you are requesting the warm attitude of thankfulness.  It renews the energy, unique to gratitude, resulting in feeling safe and supported.

All too often, when we are in a negative spot, we start making “I wish” or “I regret” statements, turing on the spigot for negative thoughts and feelings.  We start to aspire to be someone else, wishing we had a different life, free from pain, worry, and stress.  We begin to regret things that already happened and start to feel unlucky at life.  This is the point when we realize we are not grateful for a single thing our lives have provided us, which means our hearts needs to be “gladdened”.

In the recent week, I’ve been having a rough time all around.  When one thing triggered a stressful response, all of a sudden, everything else seemed wrong with the world too.  Monday, I really struggled to understand how I got to such a rough time, feeling incredibly down and low on my gratitude.  I took a step back, meditated, wrote down everything I was grateful for and began to feel better.  By Tuesday, I was back to envisioning the kind of life I want to live and by this morning, was back on my feet.  This is the process of gladdening the heart – renewing the energy within oneself to be the best version of yourself you can be – and a happy one at that!

It’s not always easy to do when you’re down, so here are my suggestions to getting you back to happiness!

  1. It’s okay to cry and let it out – don’t shove the feelings way down.  Talk through it if you have to, even with yourself.
  2. When you’re done, close your eyes and take a deep breath.
  3. Sit silently with your eyes closed and mentally list out three things you are grateful for today.
  4. Take another deep breath.
  5. Remind yourself that you have a great life, that you are beautiful, and that in the scheme of things, it doesn’t matter.
  6. Give yourself one task that will make you happy throughout the day.
  7. Go do it… today.

This process will allow you to deal with the emotion at hand, recenter yourself, and put you back on a path towards being the beautiful, vibrant, happy person you are!