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21-Day Meditation Experience: (Day 2) All Good Things Bring Gratitude

“Energy of gratitude knows no bounds and returns to you, bringing unlimited goodness.  Something within you changes and everything around you changes.” — Oprah

So there I am, climbing on top of a cliff of Crater Silvestri, on Mt. Etna, and I take a look around to see this incredible 360 view of Sicily.  It was in that moment, being on the edge of this cliff, that I had this euphoric sense of feeling free.  I became so grateful for the opportunity to be there, to be able to take in all of this beauty, and to be able to be fully present in the moment.  To think that destruction from one of the most famous volcanoes can create new types of life was just amazing.  To think that such a powerful force, that caused so many people to have to rebuild their lives, can create rebirth.  And, almost everyone that lost someone or something during its eruption, was grateful for being alive.

Being grateful is a mindset – and a powerful one at that.  Even on our worst days, there is something to be grateful for – yourself – your life, your health, your mind – whatever it is that is keeping you going in that moment.  I’m guilty of being completely hard on myself on my worst days.  I’m guilty of believing (on these worst days) that I’ve failed, that I’m not ever going to succeed, and that I might have wasted my life, focusing on the wrong things. It’s easy to spiral into these thoughts and let it sit there.  But then, something inside of me asks, “What are you going to do about this?” It’s then I turn to asking myself what I’m grateful for, and (silently) thanking those things that make me grateful.

Standing on that cliff made me thankful for my life, thankful to my mom (who brought up on this trip), thankful to God for all that he’s created, thankful for my health (to get me to the top of this cliff), and thankful to my soul for allowing myself to appreciate every single nanosecond I had, taking in this incredible view.

Yesterday I challenged you to write down things you were thankful for.  Today, do it again but this time, silently thank those things for bringing you grace and peace.  It’s your soul’s way of “giving back” to that which made you smile.