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21 Day Meditation with Deepak Chopra (Day 21): Remaining Open to Success

Note: If you missed the first two-and-a-half weeks of my meditation experience, scroll through the home page to review.

In Day 20 of the Meditation Experience, the Centering Thought is focused on opening every avenue for success.

These last three weeks have been an incredible (and indescribable) experience.  The 21-Day Meditation Experience has given me a whole new perspective on how to cope, how to expand, and how to let go.  It has allowed me to work on becoming the best of myself.  With each day that passed, I felt myself becoming stronger, more aware, and more confident.  I felt myself making choices from a better place while feeling incredibly relaxed and inspired to keep pushing on with my goals.  My meditations have taken me to places (visions) that elicit indescribable emotions and breathtaking scenery.  But more than anything else, I felt completely connected.  Each part of my being, coming together, to work in harmony.

What this experience aimed to do was to show you that success comes from every direction because your being is multi-dimensional.  We use all parts of ourselves to achieve success and when something is out of sync, it throws everything else off balance.  It’s why Deepak had us focus on our minds, our bodies and our souls, individually, before tying it all together.  We need to remember to focus on each part of ourselves every single day, to achieve what we set out to do.

It’s through this experience I have modified my daily routine, to include activities that focus on each part of my being:

  1. 20 minutes of meditation each day (mind)
  2. 30 minutes of exercise everyday – I’m super into my Squat Challenge, which has completely transformed my physique! (body)
  3. Continue to utilize the Weight Watchers app to maintain complete control of my diet for feeling my best everyday (body)
  4. 1 hour of relaxation each day to just “be” (mind and soul)
  5. At least 1 hour of writing every night (achieving tangible goal)
  6. Getting at least 7 hours of sleep a night (mind, body, and soul)

While my posts on meditation have come to an end, my continual need/want for growth, to help achieve my goals and become the best me I can be, will never stop.

For those of you who continued to read my posts (or even glanced at one or two), thank you so much for taking interest.  I hope it at least served as a form of inspiration to continue to achieve/pursue your dreams and become the best YOU there can be!