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21 Day Meditation with Deepak Chopra (Day 13): Becoming the master of time in your life

Note: If you missed the first week and a half of my meditation experience, scroll through the home page to review.

In Day 13 of the Meditation Experience, the Centering Thought is focused on mastering time.  Time is precious.  When you consciously realize that you need to appreciate every minute of it, your life becomes full.

Some of us (me included) are huge workaholics.  We spend our time trying to get ahead as much as possible so that we can later spend time on other things that provide more enjoyment.  The problem with that thought is you end up missing out on a lot of life that you NEED, in order to feel FULL.   In this meditation, Deepak focuses on the following aspects of time, reminding us to ask ourselves the following questions:

  1. Sleep – Did you get enough sleep?
  2. Physical – Did you get enough time in to be active?
  3. Focus – Are you concentrating on what matters to you?
  4. Time in – Did you set aside time for meditation, prayer or self reflection?
  5. Time out – Did you have time to simply “be”, resting in existence?
  6. Play time – Did you get to have fun in a carefree mood?
  7. Connecting – Did you set aside time to have intimate private time with those you love and care for?

I’ve never been good with managing my “personal” time.  It took me years to not feel guilty about going on a vacation or taking time out to just “be”.  As I’ve gotten older, I still work a lot (on both professional and personal endeavors) but I also make sure I at least get to bed at a reasonable hour (because sleep is everything), meditate every morning, and work out at least 30 minutes everyday.  These three alone make a huge difference in my mood, which makes an even larger difference in my life.

Still, there are time “wasters” that do creep into my life, as they do with everyone: worrying about people or future events, waiting for things to happen, filling time with toxic people and things that will only bring you down.  All that worry and all that negativity doesn’t carry you forward in your day. Instead, it makes you feel stuck, confused and sometimes, chaotic.  Using the list above, try structuring your day around those – fill it to the brim with positive, healthy experiences.  You will be amazed at how quickly life becomes fuller and more amazing.