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21 Day Meditation with Deepak Chopra (Day 12): Being in-tune with your internal growth

Note: If you missed the first week and a half of my meditation experience, scroll through the home page to review.

In Day 12 of the Meditation Experience, the Centering Thought is focused on feeling yourself grow everyday.

“Growth is spark that kindles fire of success” — Oprah Winfrey

Recognizing growth is an immense attribute in successful people.  Being able to realize that you ARE important in the scheme of things; that you can be fulfilled just by being on this planet; and that you know you are loved, is hugely important to our incremental growth and overall positive outlook.  Seeing and understanding your growth allows you to feel empathy and compassion towards others, leading you to want to share/lead/coach others to see and understand the same.  You see how everything is connected in the world and you’re able to bring those connected pieces in-line to support your goals.

Instead of focusing on my goals and progress in this post, I want to share the visions I’ve had during this journey so far.  These visions have not only instilled a new sense of “being” in me but have also helped me to understand my progress on my meditation journey and how my internal being is beginning to align with who I want to be.

Day 1 (Success comes from within): I struggled to understand what meditation would mean.  Would I see anything?  Would I feel anything?

Day 2 (Bringing more love into the world): Me hovering, as though I was in a helicopter, looking down at the most astounding 19th century Thai Buddha in a meditation pose, right in the middle of a jungle.  No one was around, it sat alone.

Day 3 (Creative source): Waterfalls appeared behind the figure and this time, I’m standing in front of it.  There was no one around.

Day 4 (Treating our bodies as our best friends): I was standing in a shallow pool these waterfalls created, noticing that the backside of the figure was much closer to the pool and didn’t look as towering from that angle, as it did from the front.  I could feel how cool the water was at my ankles but it was a refreshing feeling.

Day 5 (Gaining insight and inspiration from our minds): I was sitting on a large, smooth stone, protruding from the pool, meditating with the sun on my face.  The only thing was that I could only visualize me looking at myself from behind.

Day 6 (Emotions being our most intimate ally): My mind took an entirely different journey. I was standing over a small embankment, listening to a babbling stream in fall time.  All of the leaves are in brilliant reds, yellows and oranges.

Day 7 (Focusing on our being): I could see the backside of myself sitting on a cushioned bench on what looks like a penthouse terrace, overlooking all of New York City.  I was meditating as the sun was coming up.  It was completely silent – no city noise.

Day 8 and 9 (Making smart choices): Keeping with the same vision, a rather large diamond ring appeared on my left finger.  It was clear this penthouse was my home.

Day 10 (Measuring what matters): The same vision was kept, only now I could feel the warmth from the sun and a sense of confidence and “groundedness” I hadn’t felt before.

Day 11 (Aligning our inner self with what we surround ourself with): The same vision happened as Day 10. Except now, I could turn around and see these magnificent French doors, leading back into my penthouse, with these beautiful white silk curtains flowing in the breeze.

Day 12 (Feeling yourself grow everyday)  The same vision happened as Day 10 and 11 except now, it was weird to have a “fiance” in there – I could describe every detail of this man, down to what he was wearing. He was coming out to say goodbye, as though he was going to work.

While I don’t believe these visions are foreshadowing of exactly what is to come in my life, the point I am trying to make is the internal progress I’m making through meditation.  In the last 11 days, I’ve gone from being unsure of what meditation is going to hold for me; to being confident in who I am and the path I’m going down; to having a clear (illustrated) vision of what I actually do want for my future and how I hope to continue to feel about myself and the decisions I make.  The emotions and sensations I have felt during my meditation practices have instilled a clear mind, a high confidence level, and great happiness I rarely have every single day. I believe that those emotions and sensations I have felt ARE foreshadowing what is to come in my life, as well as a sort of progress meter for how I am doing.  The best part is that it’s beginning to show in my work and in my personal life, which makes me a HUGE believer in this daily practice.  I’m excited to continue on to see what else it has in store for me.