21 Day Meditation with Deepak Chopra (Day 3): Learning to live in the present

Note: If you missed the first two days of my meditation experience, scroll through the home page to review.

In Day 3 of the Meditation Experience, the Centering Thought is focused on our creative source, “The place from which we create our present experience from moment to moment.” — Deepak Chopra

In other words, living in the present with a fresh mind – not dwelling on the past and trying to analyze life, based on past pain or other negative experiences.

For me, this (so far) is one of the hardest ones to achieve.  I am analytical by nature, which means that I draw on past experiences and learnings to help remind me of who I have become and who I want to be.  I also spend quite a bit of time worrying about my future – something that doesn’t allow for complete energy flow, necessary, to receive new opportunities that lead to my goal.  In other words, I am limiting myself in the present, which does not lead to a successful life path.

Going through this meditation today, made me realize that I do need to spend much more time in the present, enjoying what is in front of me and not worrying about what tomorrow, or the next day will hold.  It was a reminder to appreciate all that I have in this very moment and to do my very best to be the person I want to be right now.

I have a girlfriend that says “yes” to every opportunity that comes her way.  She always reminds me that opportunities – no matter how small or large – can open three more doors you never thought of.  She is an incredibly successful woman because of it.  It is something, coupled with this meditation today, that I will remind myself of everyday – to appreciate today in every way I can because ultimately, it will lead to my success.