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21 Day Meditation with Deepak Chopra (Day 2): Bringing more love into the world

Note: If you missed Day 1, you can read about my meditation journey here.

In Day 2 of the Meditation Experience, the Centering Thought is on bringing more love into the world and how it plays a central role in our success.  Emotional bonds aren’t just a small factor in our success, “these bonds define our emotional core, telling us about who we are and how we are connected to the world.” — Deepak Chopra

Through love, you are establishing core values and truths that carry you through to success.

In recent months, I’ve been on quite the self journey.  When my ex-husband (turned best friend) and I decided to move on, I questioned everything about the relationships in my life, including the one I had with myself.  I have always believed that you need to love yourself first before you can truly love someone else.  Given how the dynamics in my life had shifted, I needed to take a hard look at how honest I was being with myself and what I truly wanted – something that turns into love.

It started with asking myself what I truly wanted out of life.  If you have read Day 1 of my journey, then you know my goal is around the type of financial freedom that affords me to do so much – not just for myself but for others. This then led into figuring out what makes me, me.  I had to ask myself a lot of tough questions: What kind of life do I truly want to live? Who are the types of people that I seem to gravitate towards most?  What do I see doing for the rest of my life?  Where do I see myself living/calling home?  If I were to ever be in a long-term partnership again, who would be the ideal mate?

It’s much harder to answer these questions HONESTLY than you think, and the answers never come immediately.  (Most of the time, they reveal themselves in the oddest of circumstances.)  But oftentimes, we worry so much about what other people think that it clouds our judgment in coming to terms with who we are and what we really want.  The trick to getting honest answers is to know that YOU are doing the right things for YOU.  When you’re confident in that, you’re showing yourself the love you need to give yourself.  And as it turns out, people see that little light inside of you shine brighter and brighter.  That bright light is love radiating outward.

So in Day 2’s meditation, I focused on some heavy decisions around friendships – part of the self love process that helps push us forward in our goals.  I focused on how I could bring more love to the world, through envisioning the most peaceful place on the planet and if I was there, who would I want to share that with that would be just as inspired as I am.  It’s through this that some important decisions became clear and validated.

I’m continually excited for this journey to continue.