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Beauty Product Review: Younique 3D Lash Mascara

Whenever anyone asks me what three things I’d bring on a deserted island with me, I always say one of them has to be mascara (and a good moisturizer and a man).  All joking aside, it doesn’t matter what kind of night I’ve had (or even day).  I don’t leave the house without putting it on.  Yet, I’ve stumbled to find a really good one that actually maximizes your lashes to the point that people wonder if they’re false.

For the last couple of months, I’ve been using Younique‘s Moodstruck 3D Lash set and I’m in love!

Me with no makeup.
Me with no makeup.
Me getting ready for a night out - full makeup on!
Me getting ready for a night out – full makeup on (including the lash set)!

For those of you who have just bought the set, or are contemplating purchasing it, or even are interested in learning more, I’ve included a set of tips for use.  These tips come from a professional makeup artist who swears by this set as well:

  1. The instructions tell you to put a coat of your mascara on. Skip this step. It does absolutely NOTHING for you. Plus – you don’t need 2 products! Instead, start with an eyelash curler to get maximum effect.
  2. Have both lids untwisted so you can move seamlessly through the application process.
  3. Apply a normal coat of the transplanting gel – like a mascara.
  4. Start mid way up your lash and wiggle the fibers through. Don’t forget the lashes near the outer corner of your eye! That’s where you get the real WOW factor!
  5. Seal those fibers in with another coat of the transplanting gel. This is where you will start to see the lashes re-separate into long thick beautiful lashes.
  6. The first time you do it, you may find yourself going through the lashes with a safety pin to separate those that got stuck. Be patient! This is something new and there is a slight learning curve. In a few applications you will be a master!!!

If you want to purchase this set, click here.  Are you currently using it?  Comment on this post with before and after pics!

Happy holidays!