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A Train Ride Along the Beach

Yes, you heard right.  If you have never taken the Pacific Surfliner from San Diego, up the west coast (or vice versa), I highly suggest you do so because it’s ADDICTING.

On Tuesday, I decided a 3 1/2 hour train ride was far more enjoyable than driving in stop-and-go traffic up to North Hollywood.  With incredibly reasonable prices (Business Class $50 each way* and Coach $32 each way), it made it even more attractive.

* Note: Business class offers a snack bag, a free drink (wine included!), extremely roomy seats, outlets, wi-fi and a reserved seat

So, I chose a window seat on the right side (the side you want to be on to get uninterrupted views of the coastline) and because it was late afternoon, I was able to enjoy an incredible sunset.  Check out the pics and video below: