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Portion Control – Two Words That Make Me Cringe

I grew up Greek and Sicilian.  Of course, with this DNA, comes the need to feed and be fed.  I love throwing dinner parties, experimenting with different foods, spices and sauces.  I love for people to be my guinea pigs, and to see their reactions after the first bite.  I love the sense of family that comes with a home cooked meal. And while this all evokes feelings of warmth and happiness, it also brings about a sense of guilt of over-eating.

I have been on the South Beach Diet, the Atkins Diet and the Dukan Diet – all of which worked the first time but fizzled out every time thereafter.  Being allergic to soy and wheat severely limited my diet to begin with and then to have to be down to a piece of chicken and a leaf of lettuce, wasn’t something I was interested in – it’s no way to live!

So, I signed up for Weight Watchers two weeks ago.  In the first week, I lost 4 of the remaining 9 pounds I’d like to lose and just like every spokesperson says, I didn’t have to give up a thing.  The trick?  Portion control through points management.

It made me super nervous to start this program, as “Portion Control” are two words I don’t like.  It’s like telling me I can’t do something.  But, this entire online program is so great that it has absolutely changed the way I look at food.  My husband loves it because he’s getting way better meals 🙂

As an example, tonight, we’re having gluten-free spaghetti pomodoro with berry pavlovas.  The difference is that I measure out my portion on a salad plate, while he eats the rest 🙂

If you are already on Weight Watchers, let me know – I’d love to swap recipes with you!  For those not on it, even if you’re diet is in check, it never hurts to have on-the-go tools to monitor it.  If it isn’t for you, I’ll do my best to post my recipes for you to try (see below).

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