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Comic Con MTV Fan Fest Awards

There are so many cool things about San Diego (and call me the nerd that I am) but Comic Con makes it even cooler.  It’s the one weekend a parade of celebrities and die-hard comic/sci-fi fans come together in throngs, to celebrate nerd-dom to the “nth” degree.  Walking around downtown, for even an hour, was more entertaining than any Halloween party I’ve been to (and trust me, I’ve been to some crazy ones).  HOWEVER, a random stumble onto an MTV awards event was somehow, someway satisfying something on my bucket list.  Although not the Grammys or the Emmys (both of which are still on my list), it was still chalk-full of actors like Channing Tatum and Megan Fox, as well as musicians, such as G-Eazy and Linkin Park.  Below are some quick clips and photos from the show.  A HUGE thank you goes out to my friend who lives in the condo complex, overlooking that event.  If it weren’t for him and his rooftop, we would have never gotten to “experience” the three-ring circus it was.


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Free Fall Attraction/People Watching Before the Show


(To see more clips from G-Eazy, click here.)

Linkin Park