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Hillwood House and Museum in DC

I am totally obsessed with social history and the story of Marjorie Merriweather Post has me fascinated (click here to read this book on her life).  What I hadn’t known was that her former estate in D.C., Hillwood House, was open to the public as a museum.  Naturally, it wasn’t much of a surprise, as she loved to entertain and show off many of her collections from around the world – particularly her obsession with Russian culture.

Unlike Dumbarton Oaks, the house and its grounds are 100% open to the public and what this house and the grounds contain is absolutely extraordinary.  In all my years of touring museums in the United States, I have never laid eyes on a more impeccable property that is so rich with history and detail, you almost wonder what it’s doing in the U.S. in the first place (some of the collections remind me of the Crown Jewels in the Tower of London, as well as Versailles).

I wish I could have captured every single thing about this house and the property, as every single room and its contents are so different from the next.  And while fascinating, the grounds captured my attention even more.  The only word to describe the landscape is “peaceful”.   If you have a free Saturday, I highly recommend taking a tour.

Below are my shots from my tour.  I’m steering away from my usual black and whites because the color is just too rich not to share. Click on each image to enlargen