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Holiday Social Gatherings 2012

The weekend before the weekend before Christmas (say that six times fast) is a time when people fly in from all over, to celebrate with those of us still living in DC.  It’s a time to celebrate (non-stop) – sometimes stopping in at six parties in one night (to get a sense what happens to all of us, watch this Episode of New Girl) or for others, finding that one party that you know if you stay put long enough at, “everyone” will be there.  It’s a marathon weekend, not a sprint.  Below is a recap of what I was able to attend (because unlike marathoners, I didn’t properly train before, thus causing me to abort all missions on Sunday.)

Don Patron/Becky’s Fund Great Gatsby Holiday Party

Anyone that knows Don Patron has undoubtedly been to one of his parties (see this one for an example of what Halloween looks like at his house).  No detail is left out – and that includes what the guests are wearing.  Stepping into Don’s house is somewhat of a magical experience.  The house itself is so historic that when decorated, it could be brought into any era the party is themed for.  In this case, the house was swathed with silvers, blues, greens and purples for this year’s holiday party: The Great Gatsby.

Feather boas, head pieces, glitter, flapper dresses, furs, wing-tipped shoes and bowler hats were just some of the attire guests were swathed in.  See a sneak peek below, as well as check out some of the pictures from  Mundovision Vera, Becky’s Fund and R David Chambers.


DSCN1868 adjusted

My outfit.  This took a few weeks to get together.  It was suggested, over a month ago, by a guest that people really shop around – to go onto Etsy, eBay and places like that to find authentic pieces.  It was a fabulous suggestion.  The beaded overlay gown was designed by Deborah Lynn Scott, who made the costume pieces for the Titanic.  The inspiration to this collection of beaded gowns comes from this, and I happened to snag one.  I paired it with an Anne Fontaine camisole dress.  The faux fur stole was ordered from a bridal shop and I paired it with a holiday pin from Macys.  To finish the look, I bought a black, short wig, black evening gloves and art deco jewelry.

Happy Birthday Flavius and Erin!

Saturday morning is usually spent recovering from Friday evening and in this case, we all had the perfect place to do it!  Flavius Galiber and Erin Dwyer were celebrating their birthdays with a pre-paid brunch at Lost Society, benefitting the Salvation Army.  For three hours, guests dined on a variety of brunch food, hydrating with bottomless mimosas and bloody marys.  The best part, the weather was actually perfect enough to enjoy on the covered rooftop.


Giving the birthday boy birthday kisses!
Giving the birthday boy birthday kisses!

Bad Santa

… or Mrs. Claus because I’m pretty sure everyone was teetering on the naughty list by the time they left.  Under the direction of Mike Foster, almost 500 people, dressed in various “festive” attire, enjoyed great music and plenty of drinks at the newly renovated Tony and Joe’s.  I’m pretty sure that if you lived in DC and were breathing, you went.  Most impressive, the master mind of the party and I bet many months ago that this invite would go viral without him inviting a soul.  Sure enough, a whopping 4800 people were invited, with almost 900 “yesses”.  Great work Mike!

Pictures can be found below and by the following photographer: R David Chambers

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