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Cincinnati, OH

Even work trips can have a silver lining and in this case, this past one allowed me one night to explore a city I had never been in: Cincinnati.

Most people would never give a thought to spending a weekend there but after a small taste, I’d come back to explore some more!

Aside from incredible architecture, beautiful stadiums, eye-catching bridges and a unique mix of old and new buildings, the city is clean and quiet, yet some of the biggest companies and most amazing history have risen from here.

First Stop: Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza

Open since 1931, the Hilton Cincinnati Netherland Plaza hotel is one of the world’s finest examples of French Art Deco style. It features a half acre of now endangered Brazilian rosewood paneling, two-story ceiling murals and original German silver-nickel sconces. It is a registered National Historic Landmark.

We grabbed a drink at Palm Court – the main receiving area that features the most stunning art deco murals.  Check out the video below for a glimpse:

According to Hotel History, it was so state of the art that even the kitchen appliances were able to handle cooking for 1800 guests on opening night in 1931 (which invites cost people $15 a person).  In addition, it’s known for its infamous room called The Hall of Mirrors (modeled after Versailles), which once boasted one of the world’s most notable chandeliers that was sadly destroyed in a fire in the 1940s.  A mural of it now replaces where the chandelier once hung.

Palm Court

Next Stop: Metropole at The Museum Hotel by 21C

21C is known for building boutique hotels with a purpose.  Their line of Museum Hotels takes visitors on a trip around the world, both in their rooms and every other space, within the property.  Still being built, the hotel wasn’t open to observe however, their restaurant, Metropole, was.  Under Chef Michael Paley, the dishes are made with local sustainable ingredients, cooked in a real hearth, which gives most of the food an earthy, smokey flavor.

We were lucky to get there opening night, to not just taste the food but also snag some “company”.  These yellow, 4-foot tall penguins are hand-made in Italy and unfortunately, are over $1000 a piece (I say unfortunately because our strategy of sneaking out with one would have resulted in grand theft larceny 🙂 ).

Last stop: Nicholson’s Pub

To cap off the night, we headed to Nicholson’s Pub for a quick drink.  Although I love scotch, I rarely ever order it at a bar.  In this case, it’s almost mandatory to do so.  The rich wood and brass, along with a very large selection of scotch, makes even the most girly of women feel manly enough to want to order a Macallans 18.

Other things to see

Macy’s headquarters are located in Cincinnati (as are Proctor & Gamble and Sunny Delight, just to name a few).  Thus, in the middle of the city square, they have a large Christmas Tree.

Right behind that, is the fountain, nicknamed “The Genius of Water”.  Obviously, it’s out of commission when it starts to get cold.

I’m definitely ready to go back for a weekend and explore… just maybe when waking up in the morning doesn’t involve an ice scraper.

Give me your thoughts!

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