Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Expo

On Saturday, October 20th, Miss J Alexander was in town to co-host (along with Paul Wharton and Kate Michael) the Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Expo, presented by The CW DC 50, at the Walter E. Convention Center.

With the doors opening at 2pm, the line was already in the hundreds even 15 minutes prior, many of the waiting attendees looking stylish, as they hoped to get a picture with Miss J.

The line extended a few hundred feet, just to get in!

When the doors opened, attendees went straight to the catwalk, eager to catch a glimpse of the hosts and see the first of the fashion shows.  Soon after, the lights dimmed and Paul Wharton came out to greet the crowd, introducing both Kate Michael and Miss J.

Paul Wharton kicking off the expo.

Then, the crowd erupted when Miss J and Kate took the stage to announce the first two designers.

In part of their on-stage dialogue, Miss J commented on the attitude problem with most of the bloggers that were there early.  He then took to the catwalk to demonstrate the attitude he witnessed, in what was a hilarious depiction:

Miss J Walking Down the Catwalk

Once the designers were announced, the co-hosts left the stage and the sounds of Deejay Neekola filled the room.  Below includes pictures and video from Hush Boutique and Nam Nguyen – two of my favs.

Hush Boutique Kicking Off the Show

When the first round of shows ended at the top of the hour, I walked around to all of the different booths that were set up on either side of the catwalk.

So many talented local designers, such as Walish Gooshe, Hush Boutique and Current Boutique (also a high-end second-hand retailer) were there to sell their designs, as well as prove to not just DC but the nation that they are putting fashion on the map in the DC area.

On my way through the booths, I was able to snap a pic of Miss J, posing for cameras before he sat down to autograph his new book.

Miss J posing before autographing books

Congratulations to Maggy Francois for doing an amazing job putting this incredible expo together!

Give me your thoughts!

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