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Big Apple Circus

In a quest to find new things to do in and around D.C., my best friend and I decided to head out to Dulles Town Center to catch the Big Apple Circus, while it was still in town.

While Cirque du Soleil focuses on the sophistication of the art of performance, and Barnum Baileys focuses on bringing a zoo to life, Big Apple Circus focuses on the history of the circus, by including those acts that dazzled audiences, dating all the way back to 1793.

With most people needing to be dazzled by extreme entertainment, some might find the show “campy” or less-than-dazzling.  Yet, anyone who grew up with less sophisticated circus acts, understands that there is something magical, sitting in a tent, watching the tight rope walker, the contortionist, the clowns, the trapeze artist and all the usual staples you would expect at a circus.  With real cotton candy and popcorn in-hand, it provided a few hours of entertainment that not only gave me a brief education on the history of the circus, but allowed me to step back in time, to an event that provided a ton of happiness in my childhood.

Big Apple Circus is only here until October 8th.

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