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The Texas Happy Hour

On August 15th, a large group stormed Hill Country BBQ to take over karaoke night… and consume pitchers of margaritas.  Some dressed up in full Texas gear (cowboy boots, hats and larger-than-life studded belt buckles), and others dressed up as iconic country singers.  Regardless of attire, we were there to support our fearless friends, singing some of the most popular country songs we all know and love.  Check out the video and some of the pictures below:

Tim’s studded belt buckle

Country chic
Willie Nelson (and his groupies) getting ready to rock it.


Shout outs go to: Jessica James, Kevin Mistry, Tim Burke, Matt Schwartz, Chris Manning, Vivian Leslie, Kathleen Galvan, Nash Peart, Holly Peart, Carlos Saenz, Ray Alatorre, Katy McHenry, Tina Cruikshank, Shelley Tidmore, Aime Piddington, Amit Anand, Rouzy Vaifae, Chitta Malik, Mark Vlasic, Cathy Speck, Sher, Christopher Calvin, Mike Foster, Fergus Ramsey, Hannibal Bray, Chadleon Booker and all the others I may have missed/not met.

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