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Crabfest 2012 in Annapolis, MD

It’s 10am and 40 people are raring to go.  Drinks (or coffee) in hand, people are anxiously waiting around to catch a glimpse of who showed up in costume and for the limo bus to arrive. When it’s time to depart, the music starts, the drinks are flowing and cheers and spontaneous dance numbers are aplenty.

We arrive at Cantler’s Riverside Inn at 11:30am, storm this small restaurant on the water and proceed to devour a few hundred pounds of crab, side accoutrements and some beverages.  We cheer, we toast to the organizer, Chris Manning, we make new friends, catch up with old ones, and we depart for our next stop a few hours later.

During the ride to our next destination, “Michael Phelps” made an appearance, not only capturing best costume of the trip, but also keeping the crowd’s energy level up, providing those with food coma, a second wind.

Since the weather was perfect, it provided an amazing outdoor setting for our visit to Pussers – our last stop before heading home. Some grabbed a drink and sat on the edge of the dock, others mingled with the baffled crowd (mostly gawking at those of us in costume), while others formed small groups to catch up, share stories and laugh.

By 3:30pm, it was time to depart for home, which was met with more celebration on the ride back – plenty of drinks, dancing, cheers, laughter and pictures to capture some of the more entertaining moments.

Pictures below:

My blinged out ref hat!

The poor driver had to have thought I was nuts to be dressed like this at 9:30am.
Jessica James as the Little Mermaid and me as the Crabfest Ref
When Journey comes on, you have to rock out.
More Crabfest goers in costume!
Sher enjoying the crab feast

Good times with great friends!
Photo courtesy of Erin Dwyer. Michael Phelps is a winner.
… and Jason Sickels is the winner of the crab trophy!
The winning “Michael Phelps” costume took first prize.

Shout outs go to: Organizers Kathleen Galvan and Chris Manning, Sher Mathews, Dan Keating, Matt Schwartz, Earnest Berry, Jessica James, Vivian Leslie, Erin Dwyer, Chitta Mallik, Laura Harmon, Jason Sickels (aka Michael Phelps), Kiffa Shirley, Tim Foster, and all others that made this trip super fun!

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