Walish Gooshe – A Local Hidden Gem in the World of Design

Back in mid-January, I tapped a local, incredibly talented designer, by the name of Greg Taylor, to show his SS12 collection for his label Walish Gooshe, for a charity event in DC.  I had no idea how amazing Greg truly was until I spent some time with him in his store on Georgia Ave.  It was then that I wanted to interview him, so that everyone could get to know how talented (and super nice) he really is.  Below is the interview I originally put together in February for Washington Life Magazine but was never published.  Thus, you get to see it first-hand right here.

Local DC Designer and 2009 TLC “Who Are You Wearing” Winner Greg Taylor Discusses his Label Walish Gooshe.

February 4, 2012

By: Nichole Devolites

DC native Greg Taylor sat down to chat with us about his rising success in the fashion world, his inspiration for his SS12 collection and what’s next for the local superstar designer and his label Walish Gooshe.

ND: Tell me about the history of Walish Gooshe.

GT: Walish means “class and sophistication” which speaks to both the clothes and the people who wear them.  And Gooshe is a name I made up because it was different and I liked the way it looked on paper.

The label started out as a clothing manufacture, established 2004, in Philadelphia, PA. With great National television exposure in 2009, on the TLC network, winning the “Who Are You Wearing” fashion designer competition show, I felt the need to flourish and expand my company to a retail store, opening my first flagship store in Washington, D.C. Fall 2011.

ND: What is your inspiration for your collections?

GT: I’m influenced by red carpet events and galas because you get to see fashion in a different light, than you do in everyday settings. I get lost in recap photos from awards shows, fashion week red carpet events, and other special event photos. Designing gowns and cocktail dresses gives you a chance to think outside the box and let your design imagination run wild.

ND: What is your inspiration for your SS12 collection?

The inspiration for my Spring/Summer 2012 collection are different types of flowers and their beautiful shapes and forms.  To me, flowers have lots of character such as romance, memorable moments, surprises, celebration, emotions, sunny sentiments, and stunning beauty. I wanted this collection to reflect just that – keeping the classic silhouettes with a modern touch.

ND: What is your signature style? If someone saw your designs on a woman walking on Georgia Ave., what would make someone say “That’s Walish Gooshe”!

GT: My signature is taking something that is very basic and making it sophisticated and fashionable with just a few adjustments.  For example, taking that basic black suit jacket but using an stylish fabric, adding a high collar, cuff sleeves, and a little color in the right places and instantly you have class and sophistication. I am always looking for simple ways to raise the garment to the next level.

ND: When did you fall in love with Fashion?
GT: When I was a little kid in elementary school I would take jeans, shirts, and jackets, cut them up and add safety pins to them to alter their look.  It was then, as a little boy in elementary school, that I knew I had to be a fashion designer.

ND: What brought you to DC? Why not NY?
GT: I feel Washington, D.C. is one of the fashion’s industry best kept secrets.  There are lots of big events going on in D.C.  After all, this is the capital city of one of the world’s most powerful countries and I want to make sure that there is some fashion to go along with all that power.

ND: What’s next for Walish Gooshe?
GT: We’re launching a more affordable line which will be called WG for Walish Gooshe this Fall for both men and women. This line will feature more casual wear with a lot of trendy styles to attract a younger audience.  Now that we have a retail store, we want to appeal to a broader market.

Greg Taylor’s label, Walish Gooshe, can be found at:

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