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London Day 4: A Walkabout

There is no shortage of things to do and see in London.  Having been here a whole three days, we hadn’t really seen anything iconic yet.  So, we reserved Sunday to walk London and take in as much of the sights as we could.

True to London weather, what started out as 60 degrees and sunny on Thursday, was now in the upper 30s and rainy.  So, we bundled up and headed out.

Although London is vast, most of it is walkable – Victoria is kind of in the middle of everything.  So we didn’t take one ounce of transportation until it was time to head clear across town.  In 5 miles, here is what we covered:

The first time I was here, it was 9 months after Princess Diana’s death. This time, all I could envision was the royal kiss.
A TON of pigeons on the Princess Diana Memorial Walk.  Coincidentally, this is the same path Kate and William took back to the Palace in their carriage.
Duck Island Cottage – Swiss Chalet for a British Bird Keeper
Horse Guard Parade – Site of the Beach Volleyball Olympics. Joel used to play professional volleyball.
Westminster Abbey
Big Ben
The River Thames an the Eye
Shakespeare’s Globe Theater

At this point, we’re soaking wet and FREEZING.  Still, we had a mission to accomplish: See Abbey Road Studios.

For those of you who are not Beatles’ fans – this place is legendary.  It is where the Beatles recorded most of their entire catalog of work.  It’s where legends still come today to record.  It is there that Paul McCartney was inside recording when we were outside snapping pictures.

What is more famous: the crosswalk, featured in that infamous Abbey Road picture (click on the link to see a live cam of people trying to imitate this).  You hear about people trying to get a still shot but having to run to the other side when cars are coming (it’s a busy road).  I managed to get some good shots of my boyfriend, as well as a group of Japanese students who managed to get the full pose in, even if it meant stopping traffic.

Japanese tourists trying the pose – before running away from the traffic.

Still, our tour wasn’t over.  One of the most famous tour guides for Beatles-related tours, Richard Porter, also owns a small coffee shop at St. Johns Woods Underground Stop.  So we took the trek over there and almost forgot all about the coffee, instead, buying enough really cool memorabilia for a small family.  We spent some time with the two people working there and it turns out, many famous people had come into the coffee shop, over the years, and had their pictures taken.  We also learned the Paul McCartney lives nearby (note: had it not been raining, windy and cold, we might have tried to stalk him… maybe).

By 5pm, we were exhausted, wet and chilled to the bone.  We spent the rest of the night indoors, relaxing, recounting stories of the weekend (this included time spent admiring my new lunch box).

Our new Beatles lunchbox. This is in addition to some great black and white prints and an Abbey Road official sign.

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