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VooDoo Festival

The decor was haunting, the punch was “sneaky”, DJ Sean Falco was rockin’ and the attendee’s of Don Patron‘s VooDoo Festival only added to the theatrical ambiance.
By far, one of the best Halloween parties I have been to in a long time, guests were treated to an open bar, snacks (the fried chicken was TO DIE FOR), Seer and Tarot Card Reader Marcella Olivia Dorantes, and the best music mixes of Identity Festival’s DJ Sean Falco, who kept the party alive for hours.  But clearly, the best part about the party were the costumes.  Who graced us that night?  Black Swan, Swan (from The Warriors), Jane (Tarzan’s other half), a gypsy, the cast of the Wizard of Oz, The Red Skull, a few vampires and witches, a Vegas show girl (real costume!), a wrestler, an underwear model, and a bevy of other well-dressed men and women.
This year’s charity was The Better Life Foundation.
Many thanks to Don Patron for hosting this party!  Shout outs go to: Kate Michael, Constance Christakos, Lindsey Mask, Angela Steever-Diba, Luke Radlinksi, Douglas Sonders, Brendan Kownacki, Daniel Swartz, Deejay Neekola, Gonzalo Ricci, Wendy Gordon and everyone else I met and ran into!
Pics are below:
Photo Courtesy of John Yang
Photo Courtesy of John Yang


Courtesy of Constance Christakos


Courtesy of Constance Christakos - with CC and Kate
Me with Deejay Neekola
With Kate Michael (K Street Kate) and Douglas Sonders (8112 Studios)
With CC
Almost all of the guests dressed up!
Photo Courtesy of Sai
With the host himself - Don Patron

More photos can be found:

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