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Washington Life Presents Pharrell Williams’ Launch of Qream

I have written a post for K Street Kate on this event here.

Enjoy some of the pics below!  Many thanks to Washington Life Magazine for the invite.  Shout outs go to: Tiffany Carter, Pharrell Williams, Lauri Tamney, Cheryl Romero, Fran Conole, Luke Radlinksi, Michael Clements, John Arundel, Jacqueline Hall and Shaundel Berwick.

Some of you were also asking about my outfit (below).  It’s all about mixing up the fabrics and not afraid of being just a bit bold when it comes to thinking outside of the box in DC.  I chose black sequined shorts from Express, a sheer ivory blouse from Old Navy and paired those with a black lace bra, my long strand of pearls, a black fitted suit jacket and my black Kelsi Dagger heels (which I live in).





Luke Radlinksi, Tiffany Carter, Fran Conole


Pharrell with some new fans


Me with Cheryl Romero and Lauri Tamney


Me with Michael Clements of Washington Life


Me with Tiffany Carter and John Arundel

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