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The Global Party 2011

Me with K Street Kate on the red carpet

80,000+ of the world’s elite.   80+ of the world’s finest locations.  80+ benefiting charities.  All in 24 hours around the world.

This is how The Global Party describes well, The Global Party.  In order to gain access, you were shipped an invitation with two keychains, each etched with a different code that must be activated (and shown), in order to get into the party.

Not every city in the United States had this party – only a select few and this year, D.C. was given the opportunity to host some of the most elite at Lima Lounge.

Check out photos and coverage from the following sources: K Street Kate and Lima Lounge (to get complete coverage of the red carpet)

Shout outs go to: Hayden Panettiere, Taryn Manning, Kate Michael, Laura Chavez, Michael Woestehoff, Ray Regan, Tommy McFly, Tiffany Carter, Wendy Gordon, Donna Donella, Jeffrey Berkless, Fran Conole, Skip Crockett, Luke Radlinski, Mark Drapeau, Daniel Swartz, Pamela Sorensen, Andrea Hardison, Ashley Arias, Aba Kwawu, Tedd Davis, Brendan Kownacki, Dimple Shah, Danielle Jennings, Michael Clements, Anchyi Wei, Nicholas Camabata, Don Patron, Douglas Sonders and anyone else I met or may have missed.

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