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Lewes, Delaware

Boy, oh boy!  When I need a break, do I need a BREAK!  This past weekend,  I took a weekend getaway trip to Lewes, DE – a small fishing and farming town, acclaimed for being “the first town established in the first state established”.  It’s a sleepy little place, providing one an immense amount of peace and quiet, while offering them a rich historical experience.


I made reservations at Hotel Blue – a small boutique hotel in Fisherman’s Wharf.  Although small, they leave no detail unturned, including koi ponds (with fish) on the first floor suites, as well as fireplaces in all rooms, blue LED lighting under the sinks and light-up ice buckets. This is in addition to all of the artwork the hotel displays by local artists.


I spent time in both Lewes, as well as Rehoboth.  Below is a run-down of places I dined.

Purple Parrot

I was craving Mexican and this place looked interesting.  On the menu?  Parrot Poop.  It’s a dip of black beans, guacamole and cheese and it’s tasty – if you can get past the name of it.  To wash it down – a margarita.  For $9 you get a full pint glass.

The Buttery

Nestled in a Victorian Mansion, The Buttery is a quaint, romantic restaurant with historic charm and tremendous food.  My Server, Pat, was so incredibly delightful, as was the rest of the staff there.  I was given the “best table they had”,  situated in front of a window, overlooking the porch that was decorated with colorful blooms.  My suggestions for order: The spinach and goat cheese salad with beet chips, followed by the beef.  For dessert – I chose two mouth-watering options that included coconut sorbet and the best vanilla creme brulee I’ve ever had.

The Green Turtle

A well-known sports bar in the D.C. area, The Green Turtle has an impressive part of the Rehoboth Boardwalk.  Dining in-doors or outdoors, you get a great view of the beach.


Next to Candy Kitchen for salt water taffy, this is the place to get great, homemade chocolates and ice cream.  My favorite: Chocolate-dipped marshmallows on a stick – they are to-die-for.

Bricker’s French Fries

Boardwalk French Fries was in a league all their own 10 years ago.  Today, beach boardwalks all over the U.S. are giving other french fry companies a chance – it’s also promoting incredibly unhealthy eating habits of the average consumer.  While I did get a small cup of fries (size not small, event though ordered as such), there were sizes that ranged up to a TUB.  Worse yet, people were walking down the boardwalk with them (which goes back to the old saying, “Spandex is a privilege, not a right.”)  Our review of the place: skip the fries.

2 Dips

Walking back from the bay on our first full evening, not much was open, in the way of a late-night snack.  2 Dips was a perfect place to fill that craving.  Situated just a few hundred feet from the dunes, in an old firehouse, 2 Dips offers so many different flavors of ice cream, as well as a garage full of police memorabilia to look at (while you’re eating), since the town was erected in the 1600s.  The owner – a mid-50’s, jolly man, who loves his job and his collection.  It was definitely a unique ice cream experience.

Nottinghill Coffee

In a quaint coffee shop in the middle of “downtown” Lewes, there is a big aroma that hits you the minute you open the door.  Lined on both sides of the shop are home-roasted coffee beans of ever flavor imaginable.  Off to your right, extra large sacks of coffee beans with a shiny roaster.  Yes, this shop actually roasts its own beans and the owner – just a pint-sized woman with an extra large personality at the helm (or crank).

Not only are the coffees amazing (we took home a bag) but so are the baked goods – they had a crustless quiche lorraine that was delicious.


.. and what would a getaway be without checking out a few boutiques?  After browsing through every magazine in the hotel room, as well as some other sleuthing online, I found a few.  However, one stood out from the rest – Azura Clothing – at Rehoboth Beach.  Look for a separate post on the pieces I chose.  All of their pieces are unique and very fashionable.

In Lewes, there isn’t much in the way of shopping. But, if you’re an antiques/estate jewelry collector, you’re in luck!  With so much rich history, Lewes doesn’t have a shortage of artifacts to purchase.

Things to Do

If you’re a history buff, walking the town is a joy.  Even on privately-held homes, there are plaques, giving the history of the home – there are a few notable haunted ones in there as well.

If you’re looking for a quiet beach, Lewes Bay offers a serene place to relax, read a book and enjoy a light ripple of water, splashing onto the beach.  Since it is so protected, the water is not just calm – it looks like glass, as it appears as though you can walk right on top of it.  It’s also protected by dunes, past the parking lot, which offers far less visitors.

If you’re looking for a crowd AND a beach, Rehoboth is your place to go.  There is definitely no shortage of people in every which direction.

Up for mini golf?  Try Jungle Jim’s.  It offers a hard course and an easy course – both are fun.  And if you need to cool down in the hot sun, try their water park (something we didn’t do).

Enjoy some pictures below:

Irises on our walk to the bay
Lewes Bay in the Evening
Lewes Bay during the day

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