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Washington Life Young and the Guest List Party 2011

Last year, I attended the Washington Life Young and the Guest List party to help toast those individuals that Washington Life Magazine named as the best-of-the-best in D.C.  This year, I was honored to be named as one of them.

Like with any Washington Life party, a great level of detail (and hard work) is put into it and this party was no exception.

Held at Longview Gallery/Rogue 24, 600 fashionable guests stepped into a completely transformed space, complete with fully-stocked bars, a sushi bar, Rogue 24 food stations, a chocolate/champagne room (my favorite), bands, DJ’s and very chic decor.  It was the party of parties for the magazine – and a complete success.

If you were one of the lucky guests to be honored, you walked away with an amazing gift bag, full of products from: Michael Kors, Juicy Couture, Alessi Alessi, Lush, Kiehls, Alchimie Forever, Salon Daniel, Astor and Black and many more.  And, if you were one of the lucky FEW, you may have also received the keys to a Cadillac for a week!

Shout outs go to: Michael Clements, Kristen Thorne, John Arundel, Andre Wells, Kate Michael, Laura Chavez, Fletcher Gill, Lindsay Kin, Cheryl Romero, Katherine Kennedy, Kirk Wiles, Christina Mohr, Ray Regan, Michael Woestehoff, Paul Wharton, Aureta Thomollari, Mary Amons and anyone else I may have forgotten.

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