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Spring Gold Cup 2011

Could it be the royal wedding influence or that spring was truly in the air?  A sea of toppers, hats, seersucker, bow ties and spring dresses flooded the grounds of Great Meadows in Middleburg, VA, to celebrate the 89th Annual Spring Gold Cup.  In previous years, a small percentage of women wore more formal attire, opting for more summery dresses than full-on horse race garb, which brought alive the spirit of this event.

Also noticed, an uptick in the grandeur of the parties, many of which now had catered/staffed tailgate spaces, proving that this event is still one of the most favored events of the DC area.

This year I decided to actually wear a hat.  It was a Christine A. Moore hat that I picked up from Key West Mad Hatters in Key West, FL last March.  The dress (as surprising as this is) was from H&M for $50.  My rationality: If I’m going to wear white, the dress better be inexpensive, especially if it is going to get ruined.

Shout outs go to: My dad and his wife for hosting, my step-uncle-in-law, Joe Warren and Lara Herger for their hospitality, Christina Mohr, Kirk Wiles, Kate Michaels, Scott Margeneau, John-Michael Scott, Ray Regan, Paul Barbieri and Brittny McKinney.

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