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MODUS Union 2011: Labels for Love and Cancer Schmancer Present Marc Bouwer

“Your body is your temple.  It is important that if something doesn’t feel right, even if you think it’s nothing, or you can live with it or you think it will go away, get it checked.  95% of those with Stage I cancer live,” said Fran Drescher, President and Visionary of Cancer Schmancer.

This one statement was met with raucous applause of a highly fashionable, well-Louboutin-heeled crowd that was there to support RHODC Mary Amons and her charity MODUS Union: Labels for Love – an organization that raises funds for women and children charities, through unique fashion events.

This year’s fashion show took us to the Historic Lumber Yard, in an outdoor fete, to see the Fall 2011 collection of Mark Bouwer, which was also met with applause as beautiful gowns and dresses, in vibrant colors of red, tangerine, green and other bright but fall-appropriate colors took to the runway.

Also out to show their support to their fellow castmate, RHODC Linda Erkiletian, Cat O’Manney, Rich Amons, Paul Wharton and Ebong Eka.

Shout outs also go to: April Firoozabadi, Rich Amons, Maggie O’Neill, Vithaya Phongsavan, Awilda Ronemous, Rich Shea, Elaine Mensah, James Cornwell, Fletcher Gill, Michael Woestehoff, John-Michael Scott, Allison Brooks and Leigh Inman Macdonald.

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