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Recipes: This Gluten-Free Thing Gets Easier – and TASTIER!

Since my massive dietary life change happened a few years ago, it’s become increasingly easier to find delicious foods that taste (almost) the same without any of the allergy-inducing ingredients.  Now that I live closer to a Whole Foods, my life just got much easier however, while dog-sitting out in Oakton, I noticed that other grocery stores are following suit with this gluten-free trend.  While at the local Giant, I spotted a whole shelf, dedicated to gluten-free cookies.  As anyone who has tried this diet (even if not mandatory) knows, so many of these types of foods taste like they are stale.  Still, just like any other new product you try, there is a period of trial and error to find the right ones.  This time, I was lucky on the first try.

I LOVE sweets and finding really tasty gluten-free cookies is challenging – normally I have to make them myself.  So I was rather excited to try a brand that looked promising: Aleia’s Coconut Macaroons.  I found them to be amazingly delicious and at 6g of carbs a cookie with only 1g of fat and NO sodium, I think I’ve quite possibly found the perfect cookie.

Aleia’s also makes other cookies and bread products that can be found in most grocery stores, carrying gluten-free products or, if you’re in Conneticut, they have a bakery.


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