My First Time Down the Runway as a MODEL!

I have a whole new respect for models.  Seriously.  Anyone who says, “It’s easy, all you do is walk down a runway” has never done it before. 

A few weeks ago I was asked to model, along with 14 other beautiful individuals, in a Saks Fifth Avenue/DC Magazine fashion show at Policy.  Needless to say, I was incredibly honored to be asked.  And, although I love posing for pictures and I don’t mind getting up in front of crowds to speak, there’s something about all eyeballs on you, while walking down a runway in heels, praying you don’t fall. 

The process started on September 9th with my fitting.  I’ve been through this part once before and quite honestly, it’s one of my favorite parts – I get to try on a ton of clothes.  The down side, I want to buy them all.  Kate (model), Heather (Saks) and I made a collective decision on my outfit, which was a long Peacock gown with funky earrings and gold gladiator shoes (which I bought–>).

Fast forward to yesterday evening, September 18th, and I’m sitting on a stool at the basement of Policy, getting my makeup done.  Champagne is flowing, the models are arriving and everyone is having a really great time catching up and/or meeting each other for the first time.  When my (dramatic) makeup is done, I head over to the hair station.  I was first warned that this would probably hurt.  I was then told I need to put on a button down top.  Ummm… in a snap decision, I asked my boyfriend if I could borrow his shirt for my hair.  Thank god he chose to wear an undershirt!  So yes, my boyfriend has literally given me the shirt off his back! 🙂

My 30 minute hair process begins.  From what I could feel, there was a lot of teasing, a lot of pulling, a lot of bobbypins and a lot of hair spray.  The look was punk rocker – so big hair was in order.  During this process, I started to feel for career runway models, especially during fashion week – many hours in the chair, while trying to forget about the pain.  When I was done, it was a look I myself always wanted to try – part of me was in awe (through the wincing) the other part of me was sad to have to take it out at the end of the night (which I was warned to BRUSH out before washing).

Still an hour left to go before showtime, we got dressed and posed for many more pictures (shout out to my boyfriend for being my personal photographer).  The models for the show: Jason Mandel, Steve Chenevey, Cori Sue Morris, Natasha Barrett, Craig Melvin, Katherine Kennedy, Kate Michael, Brian Murphy, Myself, Lindsey Becker, Erwin Gomez, Ernie Arias, Christopher Boutlier and two others (I forgot names, sorry!)

At about 8:40pm, we were asked to line up to start the show – everyone was dressed in amazing outfits for fall – leather, beads, sequins, fur, feathers, lots of layers and definitely glam.  We all were a little nervous but definitely excited. 

When it was my turn, I got up on the small raised runway, did my walk and got down, not realizing that Heather wasn’t done with the speaking portion.  I was ushered back up for a second time – it was definitely funny and it appeared as though other people had done the same thing.  In about 20 minutes, the show was over and we all headed back out on the runway for one final bow.

Immediately following, I changed into this camel-colored Maxstudio dress (an amazing sale find) and kept my hair for the after-party and after-after-party.  It was fun to see who else was in attendance that evening: Tommy McFly, Constance Christakos, Martha Pheeny, Dennis Menis, John-Michael Scott, Mark Vlasic, Elaine Mensah, Alfredo Flores, Tati Ana and many more!

Shortly after, we all decided to head to Peacock Cafe to see my friend  Deejay Neekola spin. My boyfriend and I snagged a table in the back corner and invited everyone to join.  An impromptu dinner party with six of us, in the back corner, is what everyone seemed to need – that and a ton of laughter. Shout outs go to Kate Michael and Tommy McFly for telling the funniest stories and Laura Chavez, Tati Ana and John-Michael for making GREAT company! Also, special thanks to the chefs at Peacock Cafe for providing us last-minute food (including Tommy’s meatloaf).

Give me your thoughts!

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