My First Photo Shoot: Moshe Zusman

Moshe Zusman is an accomplished photographer.  His work is stunning, dramatic, artistic and has a story to tell.  His eye for detail, especially in regards to lighting, architecture, pose and emotion puts him in prime place to be one of the greatest photographers Washington, D.C., if not the world, will see. 

You may have seen his work through many ecstatic brides and grooms, corporate people or even models.  It’s unmistakable – especially with Washington, D.C. as his backdrop.  If you haven’t met him, you don’t go out enough, as he seems to be everywhere – either attending events or shooting them.  He’s personable, professional and lucky for me – a friend as well.

Moshe offered, quite a few months ago, to photograph me but timing was never right.  In a stroke of luck, I happened to get my birthday off work and decided that that would be the perfect day to celebrate a new year of my life – the confidence, all the hard work I’ve put into myself and my career, and the ability to accept myself as I am –  and capture it all through his lense. 

I was an amateur at this – having only spent time in front of cameras during events and other fun jaunts out.  So when he asked me on my preference on the type of shoot I was looking for, I was at a loss.  I had an idea in my head about what I wanted but it wasn’t as simple as two words because what I was looking for was a ying and yang effect: classy ball gown against a rugged back drop; edgy/sexy look against a sophisticated/conservative location.  I really wanted to present myself as someone who shatters perceptions – a woman that is comfortable being her and isn’t stereotyped into one category. 

If you look through many of Moshe’s photographs, you will see he captures this exact effect over and over again.  Most of his work screams powerful and sexy, yet soft and full of emotion.  It’s definitely easier to describe than make happen – especially when you’re not well-versed at creating the facial expressions needed to capture the very essence of this.  Through Moshe’s guidance, we not only found two very perfect locations (full of amazing light and dramatic effect) but he also helped coach me through how to pose – what would work well with the lighting, the scenery and most importantly, my own physical features. 

After a few hours of shooting, we wrapped up.  And, just a few hours later, three pictures were ready for early release.  I’m sure all of you can agree that his work speaks volumes and therefore, I highly recommend him.  THANK YOU Moshe for making my birthday so wonderful!

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