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Four Seasons M29 Lifestyle Fashion for Paws (F4P)Thank You Event!

Thursday evening (July 29th), models (both two and four-legged), sponsors, supporters and the like, reunited to celebrate the amazing outcome of the Fashion for Paws Runway event, held April 10, 2010.

This thank you reunion was held at M29 Lifestyle Boutique, which is adjacent to the Four Seasons in Georgetown.  Upon entering into the store, the welcome wagon of furry friends were there to eagerly greet new arrivers, some of which are currently up for adoption, all of which I wanted to take home 🙂  But, upon being able to look around, I noticed that the store provided a wide-range of ecclectic gifts and “lifestyle” apparel that one would find in the Hamptons, Palm Beach or St. Barths.  The price ranges were from $10 – a few thousand or so.  Of course, a shiny object just happened to catch my eye, in the form of a necklace, made from a raw piece of amethyst, encased in sterling silver, that after an hour or so of staring at me and I at it, it became mine 🙂

What made this event even better – reuniting with amazing friends.  Shout outs go to: Alex Naini, Moshe Zusman, Tiffany Carter, Tara de Nicolas, Donna Donella, Stef Woods, Taryn Fielder, Wendy Gordon and Windy Shepard.

But, the most amazing part of the evening was Batman.  If any of you remember him from the Fashion for Paws runway show, he was diagnosed as a dwarfed German Shepard, who would need a lot of special care and probably didn’t have that much time to live.  As it turns out, he was misdiagnosed and malnourished, which is great news for the little guy.  In April he was a sleepy pup, weighing in at 7 lbs.  today, just 3 1/2 months later, he’s up to 31 lbs. and living in a wonderful home.

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