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Rain or Shine – The Great Meadows Fashion Show Must Go On!

Great Meadows had their kickoff event Saturday, May 22nd… in the pouring rain.  Even though all the matches were canceled, over 100 people still came to The Plains, VA to see the latest and greatest in Rich Hippie, W by Worth and Tysons Galleria attire (Saks Fifth Avenue, Nicole Miller, Karen Millen and SARAR).  It was so much fun, people are still talking about it.  It makes me wonder if getting rained on, while consuming wine, is the way to go.

However, before I even dive into the main event’s fun, there is SO MUCH fun that led up to it.


Yes, I did shop for myself but not before shopping for others.  A rather fun group of us – three girls and one guy – went to each chosen store topick out the four looks that would be shown down the runway.  At each of these stores, I can now say I’m an expert at their product, as we each went through every single item to determine if the color, fabric and overall flow and bounce (that’s for you Ray) would make enough of an impact on the crowd.  We went through dresses, swimsuits, pant suits, tops, bottoms, bright colors, neutral colors, fabrics that might snag, fabrics that wouldn’t and, after three hours, we managed to pull enough with some  back ups, just in case.

The very next day, it occurred to me that I really had nothing suitable.  Ok, I’m sure I did but with all the dresses I seemed to have acquired for so many different events, I wanted something different.  I started with trying on dresses from many different places.  I think my final “no” to that idea was when my already frustrated self was stalked by a sales person who kept suggesting dresses that didn’t match the occasion, followed by letting me know I can only take six items into the dressing room.  I haven’t heard that one in quite some time.  So, I quietly put everything back and decided to start from scratch.

Although polo match attendance attire comes in many different forms, I tend to like to stick with the basics: whites, tans and golds.  This seemed like such an easy idea.  I tried on skirts and slouchy silk tops, shorts that were just a bit too cargo and not enough classic, more skirts, more tops and more shorts – and event a pair of jodhpurs.  I’m not sure if it were out of frustration or out of joy but I ended up selecting a pair of white cuffed shorts by Aqua.  I usually HATE shorts and HATE white bottoms but after my joyful experience at 7 for All Mankind, I seemed to have developed a fondness for the color on the lower half of me.

The next part was the top.  It started with wanting something cute, sexy and sleeveless and instead, I ended up going for off-one-shoulder,slouchy and 3/4-sleeved – in a dark tan.  Armani Exchange makes this adorable summery knit top that in each ribbed part had gold threads woven through – I fell in love!

Finally, of course I needed matching shoes.  Usually, when I go to DSW, I circle the rows of shoes like a vulture, waiting to pounce on something at the right moment.  However, when something shiny catches my eye, I usually gravitate towards it like it has an invisible tractor beam.  Sure enough, in one of the rounders in the middle of the main aisle is Steve Madden’s new Luxe line.  Yes, Steve Madden usually hates feet.  I think he had heard enough of that comment because at 4 1/2 inch of heel, they were extremely comfortable!

Behind the Scenes: The Dressing Room

Upon entering the Summer House on the day of the event, music, the scent of hairspray and lots of chatter filled the air.  Wall-to-wall beautifulwomen were getting ready for their time on the runway.  The inspiration was vampy/vixen 1960s playmate so lots of big hair and big eyelashes.  I spent the next three hours, sipping wine, catching up with friends (shout outs to Rachel Harshman, Mary Amons, Christina Mohr, Stefanie Ball, Ray Regan, Kirk Wiles, Seyhan Duru, Cindy Bapst, Susan Hammann, Courtney Caldwell, Vithaya Phongsavan and many more for being super fun!) and helping people to get ready (sewing a button onto and steaming Ray’s linen shirt).  We also looked wearily out the windows as the rain continued to come down pretty hard, wondering how we would get everything transported over to the party site.  Rain or shine, it was happening.

Good Times

At the pavilion, the models were lined up, the wine was flowing, Chima was grilling asada and Seyhan’s beats were pumping as we got ready to start the show.  After remarks were given and the tunes cranked up, the models took on new glam personas as they strutted the runway admist the hoots and hollers of the crowd.  It seemed as though this show only fed to the energy that could only be feueled by wet conditions – knowing you no longer care about what you look like, as everyone was sort of soggy.

When the show was over, and the papparazzi disbanded, people flooded onto the dance floor to continue having a good time, until the wee hours of the morning.

Polo matches or not, it was a great way to kick off the season!

All shots from Great Meadows courtesy of Vithaya Phongsavan

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