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Martinis and Makeovers with Andy Baldwin

Many people across the world know Dr. Andy Baldwin for two things: The Bachelor: Officer and a Gentleman (ok, more women than men know that one) and more notably, his philanthropic work across the world.  Andy has helped children in less-than-fortunate countries, been an advocate for living a healthy lifestyle and has a deep passion for helping widows and parents of fallen soldiers cope with their loss through his own organization – Got Your Back Network.

Andy has a tremendously warm heart and a personality to match.  He’s someone people aspire to, whether it be for his tireless traveling across the world for his causes (including his upcoming 56-mile marathon across South Africa) or his undeniable graciousness to whoever meets him.  On the few occasions I’ve interacted with Andy, I’ve undoubtedly been impressed with his amazing ability to make you feel as though you have known him forever.

On May 4, Andy and his organization, Got Your Back Network, held its second annual Martinis and Makeover party at the Ritz Carlton in Georgetown.  Two hundred men and women (mostly women) gathered together at Farenheit bar to mingle, get mini makeovers from Chanel at Saks and sip on signature drinks, as well as eat delectable little treats.  In addition, they had the ability to bid on silent auction items, all proceeds to benefit his organization.

About an hour into the event, Andy got up to say a few words, followed by four widows of fallen soldiers.  It was an emotional segment to the event but allowed all attendees to see/meet who this event was benefitting and really show everyone the true power of what this organization can do: comfort those who are grieving a tremendous loss.

Congratulations to Andy and his team for a very successful event!

Shout outs to: Angie Goff, Andy Baldwin, Wendy Gordon, Mel Davis, Heather Shaw-Menis, Linda Krell, Moshe Zusman and many more for an awesome night!

(Photos courtesy of Moshe Zusman)

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