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A Week of Inspiration and Excitement – Fashion for Paws Brings People Together

Since event season was upon us at the very tip of April, there has been no short of things to attend and events to prepare for.  This week was all about fun, fashion and celebrating accomplishments.

April 6th – Chandler and Raea show (BDIGIX Studios) In support of the major Fashion for Paws Runway Show event that happened just

Kate Michael on Chandler and Raea

 last night (more on that in a minute), I headed downtown to talk with two wonderful Republican ladies – Chandler and Raea – about the Fashion for Paws organization and how I was a part of it. 

The Chandler and Raea show is an internet show, broadcasted out to well, the universe.  They focus on politics, charity and social events happening locally.  They are full of energy, enthusiasm and opinions.  It’s a lively show that comes on from 9-11PM every Tuesday.

While I was in the studio, they also had Jennifer from WMAL to talk about the soldiers program (it was about always showing our soldier appreciation – even just thanking them), Kate Michael to talk about her electronic magazine K Street Kate and Ted Garber – an amazing singer/songwriter who has infused a new style of blues into the nation.  It was a really fun group of people and given that I haven’t been on the airwaves since I was a wee college kid at George Mason University, I was a little nervous. 

As a writer, you take all the time you want to write out beautiful descriptions of your subject.  In television, you have visual aids.  In radio, there is no ability to see what the person is talking about, and since it’s a global show you have to remember that it’s a much broader audience.  Thankfully, I got through it pretty well. 🙂

April 7 – Capitol File Cover Party for Anna Kournikova (OYA) – Those that are not from Washington, D.C. tend to think that there is a low concentration of truly attractive people here.  If that’s the case, Capitol File has been able to sniff ALL of them out and put them in one place.  Their coveted invite-only cover parties are known for being swanky, fashionable and highly affluent.  I was super-excited to attend my first one and of all ones to attend for my first time, it was for Anna Kournikova

It’s hard to miss Anna, as she is a statuesque blonde that radiates beauty (she was also sporting quite a large canary diamond from fiance Enrique Iglesias).  Although I didn’t approach her personally, I heard she was wonderfully warm, receptive and easy to talk to (as an aside, I tend NOT to approach celebrities, as I always feel bad that they are bombarded by people – I know it’s part of the job but still). 

The rest of the party was just as fun, as OYA is one of those bar/restaurant/lounge fusions that belongs in the most fashionable areas of New York.  Between running into old friends and making new acquaintances, I’m excited to attend the next one!

April 10 – Fashion for Paws (Italian Embassy) – It’s hard to believe that last year I was just an attendee.  I remember telling myself that next year I was going to be a part of it.  I had no idea that this would actually come true. 

Getting ready for the show

Leaving my job out of this (as I’m speaking for myself and not on behalf of anyone), it was truly amazing to see this event come together.  $315,000 was generated (and that was before silent auctions) by tireless models who were rewarded by walking down the runway with their dog in front over over 1,000 ticket holders. 

The excitement for me started when I got to choose my dress and the diamonds I’d be wearing.  For those that weren’t there – it was a beautiful red cocktail-length BCBG bandage dress from Saks Fifth Avenue, accompanied by incredibly beautiful diamond earrings, matching necklace, ring and bangle from Liljenquist & Beckstead (it was so hard to part with the ring). 

On the day of, all of the models were to arrive early to get their hair and makeup done (Toka Salon and Chanel).  It was so much fun to walk into the Embassy early and see the whole thing come together – vibrant table cloths and center pieces, beautifully-decorated VIP rooms, swathed in delicate but brightly-colored fabrics; and a whole tent dedicated to a couture collection by the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM). 

In the models’ area, there was an air of excitement.  It was so wonderful to meet so many beautiful women and men who worked hard to raise so much money.  These models ranged from doctors, to news anchors, to D.C. personalities to business owners, etc., all of which were highly nervous to walk the runway with their dogs, not knowing if their furry companion would try to eat a camera, pull too hard on its leash or be too frightened to go out there. 

Having majored in Communication in college, most public speaking is a breeze for me.  I seem to go on autopilot when I begin and am not quite aware of what’s being said, so much as my body language.  I’m standing in front of over 1,000 people and all I can think about is, “Oh crap I stopped smiling – need to smile” or “am I still sucking in my stomach?”  It helps to forget that I’m up there.  Still, my nerves didn’t kick in until I got OFF the stage – something I find humorous. 

The rest of show went off without a hitch – some of the models were really creative in how they walked the runway, including my friend Fletcher who had not one but two chihuahuas in doggy slings, both wearing goggles.

With three months of planning, the fashion show was over in one hour and this girl and her boyfriend turned into pumpkins before we could even say the words “after party”.

More pictures can be found by Moshe Zusman, Michael Domingo, Visceral Photography and Shoot for Change.

April 11 – Spring Brunch (Peacock Cafe) – In Washington, D.C., amongst the hip crowd, there is only one true spot for a fabulous brunch and that’s Peacock Cafe.  Nestled just a few streets up from the main artery (M St.) that runs through Georgetown, this place has become synonymous with the words “spring and summer”, as the tradition of celebrating the warmer weather, capping off socially-packed weekends (after a long winter of staying inside) and reuniting with old friends is an absolute must.

This Sunday kicked off the Sunday brunching season with a great group of people, not too exhausted from the previous night’s festivities.  It was wonderful to meet even more people who truly do great things with their lives and to see people again that I only met just last night (an immense bonding takes place with the other models – almost like an exclusive group only so many belong to a year).  And, since it was amazingly beautiful outside, there was an air of happiness that made the conversations all the more fun – a great ending to an a wonderful week!

Stay tuned for a third week of events – I already need a nap thinking about it!

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