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My Guide to Key West Escape: Part III

After a very physically “aggressive” Friday, we opted for a very relaxed Saturday.

Early Saturday morning, we went down to the Strip House for breakfast on the veranda, overlooking the beach.  It’s as close as we could get to our old San Diego routine of breakfast on the beach every Saturday morning (something I miss quite a bit).  We talked about what each would get into for the day.  For me, it was laying by the pool and reading a book, followed by a leisurely lunch and a nap, followed by more reading.  My boyfriend opted for a kayak trip through the mangroves on the southeastern part of the island.  Then, we’d celebrate our last day with a romantic dinner at Hot Tin Roof.

A couple of things I learned during my “relaxing day”:

1) Even at 9am and at 65 degrees, one can get sunburned – I mean REALLY sunburned.

2) The maids don’t appreciate when you order room service and want to eat where they are cleaning

3) Napping with the door open during the day seems like a good idea but between the band and the screaming drunk spring breakers, it isn’t as heavenly as it should be.

Still, it gave me an opportunity to hit “reset” and not worry about having to do anything.  (I was quite incapable of being mobile anyway as the day went on, as both my skin AND my muscles increasingly hurt.)

In the late afternoon, my boyfriend came back with amazing pictures (which I don’t have possession of) of his mangrove kayak trip.  The mangroves in the ocean create a sort of majestic water jungle that are truly magnificent.  It was perfect for him to do, as it gave him a chance to get back to what he loves – being on the water.

The day had gone by too quick for us yet still, we had our dinner at Hot Tin Roof – or so we thought.  Being that we were both burned and sore, I think patience was running short.  So when we arrived a bit too late to really see the sun set over Mallory Square and we discovered our concierge had booked us at the restaurant on a night where there was a closed, private party, we were left a little a disappointed that our last night didn’t have a romantic, movie-quality ending.  We asked the concierge at Ocean Key Resort where the next logical romantic place would be and she suggested A&B Lobsterhouse.  Given that I’m a “fishiterian”, I was slightly worried that there would be nothing on the menu for me.  I was pleasantly surprised to see a variety of steaks that would work.  In addition, a different variety of Bananas Foster for dessert, as well as a view of the marina.

As we headed back to our resort after a wonderful meal, we were both a little sad to leave but satisfied with the ability to do everything we wanted to in such a short period of time.

Stay tuned for our final day on vacation…

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