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MODUS Union 2010 – Labels for Love Fashion Lela Rose Fashion Show

Sometimes, there are really great perks to my job and attending the MODUS Union: Labels for Love Lela Rose Fashion Show was one of them.  Held at the Mayflower Renaissance Hotel in Washington, D.C., this event took over the ballroom areas, transforming it from historical to glam with modern centerpieces on the cocktail tables, art displays on the walls (from local artists), and even glam lighting enveloping the areas – and this was just the reception hall! 

Upon entry, I was greeted by the Fashion Institute for Design Marymount students who were in charge of registration.  Each of them seemed so excited to be able to participate in this show in some way.  It made me think back to the days of my junior year in high school when I was all but convinced I was going to take the same route and go there, to pursue a fashion degree of my own. 

Once through registration, with pink VIP dog tag in hand, I walked through the transformed ballroom corridor, feeling as though I stepped foot in a swanky New York City lounge, complete with pink carpet, velvet ropes and the now common sponsors’ board that people love to take photographs in front of. There was also art in every direction, complete with artist on-hand to discuss the pieces they created, specifically for the event.  In fact, I met one of the artists – Karen Suderman – while I was admiring each of the works of art on display.  Karen chose to create pieces around Lela Rose’s colors for spring (most of which are in greys, yellows, salmon and greens).  For her collection, she focused on greys, yellows and reds – a nice contrast.

Also on display was “live” art by Maggie O’Neill.  She was in a strapless paint-splattered dress (yes, on-purpose) that was absolutely fabulous, while painting on two very large canvasses. 

Not before long, my publicist finds me and leads me into the ballroom where the show will take place.  She places me (literally)  front and center of the runway.  Once seated, I took it all in and realized, this is my first TRUE fashion show – likened to something you would see at New York Fashion week.  At one end of the runway, there was a white backdrop where the models tend to appear from “out of no where” and at the other – photographers and videographers.  After all, Mary Amons is a rumored D.C. Housewife and Founder of Labels for Love, that and Lela Rose is a well-known designer in the fashionista world.

As people started pouring in, I couldn’t help but look around and speculate who was who.  There were definitely Bravo Housewives from different cities, well-known local fashionistas, local celebrities and the like.  The general “air” in the room is what I had imagined – fabulousness.

The show lasted about 30 minutes, showcasing Lela Rose’s spring line.  Most of it was fun, flirty and elegant – many long flowing gowns, as well as very wearable, yet very fashionable cocktail dresses.  Being this close to the models was surreal – you tend to not just inspect the clothing, but the shoes they are wearing, their look, their build and well, pretty much everything about them.  Their job is a lot harder than one would imagine – you are being judged from every angle (something you almost have to block out) while trying not to trip and fall – my biggest fear when I model for Fashion for Paws.

When the show was over, I was introduced to a few of the local media and opted to end my evening early and head home, as this social lady was turning into a pumpkin.

Overall, I rate this experience “amazing” out of not bad, good, excellent or outstanding.  It was a great reminder of what I always wanted my life to be – fabulous, fun, sexy and fashionable.

Stay tuned for my review of Luke’s Wings: Fashion Takes Flight.

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